Leonardas Gutauskas Tadas Gutauskas

Curriculum Vitae

Tadas GUTAUSKAS (TaDas) www.gutauskai.lt/en


May 31, 1970, Vilnius, Lithuania


1981 - 1988 M.K. Čiurlionis High School of the Arts, Vilnius

1989 - 1995 Vilnius Art Academy, sculpture class, M.F.A., Vilnius

1995 Salzburg Summer Academy, Prof. Hermann Nitsch’s class, Zalcburg

1995 - 1996 Royal Academy of  Fine Arts, Prof. Ann  Edholm’s class, Stockholm

1996 The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts, Reykjavik


1997 - 1999 Art expert in the Lithuanian Artists’ Association gallery

Since 1999 Director of the public institution “Sound and Vision Project Centre”

1999 - 2002 Teacher at G.Fledžinsienė’s College of Arts

Since 2002 Curator of the International Symposium of sculpture“Curonian Art Week”

Since 2004 Established  art gallery “ TaDas “

Since 2004 Minister  for  Culture of  Užupis Republic

Since 2004 Member of Rotary club „ Perkūnas“, Vilnius


2006 “ Form & Colour”, Consulat of Lithuania, New York, USA

2005 “ Sun of the North “, Target Gallery,  Alexandria,Washington DC, USA

2004 New works, gallery TaDas, Vilnius, Lithuania

2003 Painting, Litexpo Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania

2003 Painting, sculpture, Etten Leur, Nedherlands

2003 TaDas, Opsteker Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2003 Painting, objects. Savickas Picture Gallery, Palanga, Lithuania

2003 TaDas, Vasby Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

2003 Painting, sculpture, Lithuanian Art Museum, Chicago,USA

2003 The Sun of the Noth, Ciurlionis Art Gallery, Chicago,USA

2002 Painting, Gallery Cristiane Charles, Paris, France

2002 Painting, sculpture, show-rooms Charles-Tombolini, Paris, France

2002 Sound and vision installation “Four ways of life”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2001 “Perfect World”, Vartai gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2001 “Shining Bodies” Ulrik Witt’s Gallery, Arhus, Denmark

2000 “Shining Bodies”, Teko Center gallery, Herning, Denmark

2000 “Park of the Ice Sculptures”, Archicathedral Squere,Vilnius, Lithuania

2000 “Runes”, Barotti gallery, Klaipëda, Lithuania

2000 “Collection of Symbols”, hotel Radisson SAS-Astoria, Vilnius, Lithuania

1999 “Archetypes”, Krebsen gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

1999 Carpe Diem gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

1998 Sound and vision installation “Forgotten signs”, Art Centre Replica, Stockholm

1998 “Fantasy forces nature”, Embaixada Mineira, San Paulo, Brazil

1997 Painting, Lietuvos Aidas gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

1997 “Fire and Earth”, Arka gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

1996 Painting, Häsellby castle, Stockholm, Sweden

1996 Sculpture, Trelleborg Art Gallery, Trelleborg, Sweden

1995 “Tree of Knowledge”, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

1994 Painting, Lietuvos Aidas gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania


2005 Carpets, National Drama Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 “ White”, Bird’s Gallery, Melburne, Australia

2004 “ Green Deco “, Litexpo Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 “ Lifestyles “, Fukuoka Museum of Art , Fukuoka , Japan

2004 “ Lifestyles “, gallery TaDas,Vilnius,Lithuania

2004 “ Infection of Fashion”, collection  ( with Julian Fedo ), Forum Palace, Vilnius

2003 Annual Exhibition, Savickas Picture Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2003 Painting, Vilnius City Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania

2003 Biannial of Painting, Vasby Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

2003 “Curonian Art Week 2003”, Ventė  village, Lithuania

2003 Aquarium, Barotti Gallery, Klaipëda, lithuania

2003 Infection of Fashion, collection (with Julian Fedo), Forum Palace ,Vilnius

2002 “Curonian Art Week 2002”, Ventė  village, Lithuania

2002 “Friendship”,  Infra  gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2002 “Human and Nature”, Minami Aoyama gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2002 “Without Shadows”, Burglinster Castle, Luxemburg

2002 Luleå Winter Biannial, Luleå, Sweden

2001 “5 Artists from Lithuania”, Gallery Ett, Uppsala, Sweden

2001 “Painting,”  Gotene Commune, Gotene, Sweden

2001 Konstframjandet gallery, Uppsala, Sweden

2001 Ekogaleriet, Uppsala, Sveden

2001 Painting, Krebsen gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2001 “Meetings”, Vilnius Town Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania

2001 “Without Shadows”, Europe Parliament gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2001 Artyp gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2001 Polish Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

2001 00:24. “Various motives”, Artist’s Space gallery, Berlin, Germany

2000 “ Sand Games”, syposium of sand, Klaipėda, ( first prize ), Lithuania

2002 “Intrigue-Provocation”, M.K.Čiurlionis National Museum of Art,Kaunas

2000 Contemporary Lithuanian artists, May gallery, Karise, Denmark

1999 “Without Shadows”, Vartai gallery, Vilnius

1999 “Four=4”, Eurogates, Taipei, Taivan

1999 “Sound+vision. Laboratory”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

1999 International Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

1999 Artists of Lithuania, “9 + 9”, Aachen Town Hall galery, Germany

1998 “The Red Book”, sound-vision installation, EXPO ‘98, Lisbon, Portugal

1998 “Two Oceans”, Funarte gallery, San Paulo, Brazil

1997 Lithuanian painting, Central Exhibition Pallace, Manege, Sankt Peterburg, Russia

1997 “Lithuanian Art ‘97” /  Galleries present”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

1996 “Konst Pris Ekologi”, Solna, Stockholm, Sweden

1996 Skånska Konstmuseum Pictura, Lund, Sweden

1995 “Lithuanian Art 95”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

1995 Painting, Fortress, Salzburg, Austria

1995 “2 x 2”, M.K Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Pictures Gallery, Kaunas

1994 Installation “The Plant-louses”, Jutempus gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

1994 The 1st and 2nd International symposium of sculpture “Europe park”, Vilnius


1993 Sculpture  ”Triumph Arch ” , Europe park, Vilnius

1994 Sculpture ” Vault ”,  EuropePark, Vilnius

1995 Sculpture ” Sharp ”,  Europe park, Vilnius

2002 Sculpture ”The Tree of  Life ”, hotel Holiday Inn, Vilnius

2003 Fontain  ” The Box of Feelings”, Forum Palace, Vilnius

2005 Mozaic ” Life in the Sea ”, Telecom sport club, Vilnius

2006 Sculpture ” Twins”, Bussiness Triangle, Vilnius

2006 Monument for Adolfas Ramanauskas – Vanagas, Nemenčinė

2007 Monument ” Lithuanina basketball”, beside  Siemens Arena, Vilnius

2009 Sculpture  ” The Tree of Unity “, for Milenium of Lithuania, Vingis park, Vilnius

2010 Sculpture  „ Children of the Sun “, Augustinas Rakauskas Mound, Vaizgakiemis, Prienai

2010 Sculpture  „ The Road of Freedom “, Konstitucijos Avenue, Vilnius

2012 The monument for Jonas Mačiulis- Maironis, Raseiniai Town park, Raseiniai

2013 Sculpture „ The Gates of  Hospitality “, Druskininkai

2015 Sculpture “ Suomis “, Vilnius

2016 Sculpture " Golfi ", Europe center golf club, Vilnius district

2016 Monument for Lithuanian deportees, Tomsk, Russia


2009 Duke Gediminas the First Degree Award

2009 St. Christopher statuette, Vilnius City Award

2009 Millennium Song Festival 2009 "Centuries" Award " Millennium Star "

2010 Lithuanian Freedom Fighters Union Order “For Homeland Freedom”


1998 “Forgotten Signs”

1999 “Without Shadows”

1999 “The Red Book”

2001 “Possibilities and Probabilities”

2002 “TaDas”

2005 “TaDas 2 “ Art of Interior Design”