Leonardas Gutauskas Tadas Gutauskas



Co-operation between Finland and Lithuania after the collapse of the Soviet Union in all spheres of life continues for more than 20 years already, so appearance of a sign-symbol signifying this in our capital is necessary and meaningful now, as we have become partners in both the EU and the Nordic Alliance.

Our idea - a sculpture "SUOMIS", which symbolizes the human desire to seek the unattainable and to chase the dream.  It's a Giant (steel, H - 10 metres) figure holding a cloud. The sculpture will be of colours of the Finnish flag - white blue, thus symbolical of the multiple Finnish support to Lithuania's modernization and new challenges on it’s road to Europe. It is symbolic, but it is the Finnish company YIT-Kausta that is the leader in construction of modern contemporary buildings in Lithuania, and quality housing built by them has become a dream come true for many Lithuanian families...

In Viršuliškių Street, near the constructed southern city bypass highway- the way to Via Baltica , thanks to investment of the company "YIT-Kausta", a new multifunctional centre of Vilnius city is being developed. It consists of a high-rise commercial-administrative building "Grand office", shopping centre "Prisma", and a block of five multi-flat residential buildings. Between the highway and the buildings, a public space is being designed, in which we offer to construct an artistic object. We have got all necessary permitions from Vilnius Municipality to build up a sculpture, even more, the place with the sculpture in city map will be called as FINNISH SQUARE.

We believe that this initiative of the Finnish embassy together with  famous Lithuanian architect Gintaras Čaikauskas  and sculptor Tadas Gutauskas ( TaDas ) will be supported by the Finnish bussiness and together we will create an outstanding monument of our common history, which will help to attract more people to Lithuania from Finland and promote a better understanding of our countries and people.